Reading Rhythm, Levels 1 & 2

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Reading Rhythm, Levels 1&2 is for those who have never read music or who may be getting a handle on notes and are ready to learn how to keep time. The course provides plenty of practice examples to read with accompanying audio tracks to clap or speak along to, a fun matching game, and reloadable quizzes for unlimited practice of 10 new rhythm concepts!

Students can also interact with Catherine, their instructor, as well as with classmates, by leaving comments and questions. This mini-course is comprised of eight short lessons, as well as flashcard practice, a fun matching game, quizzes, and plenty of play-along practice examples to help you learn and check your understanding.

Information covered in this course:

  • How time is measured
  • Using the Metronome
  • The Beat
  • Counting measures
  • Counting the length of a note (whole notes, half notes and quarter notes)
  • Tempo or Pace
  • Time Signatures
  • Reading and Playing Rhythm

Course Curriculum

  Section 1: Establishing Rhythm
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  Section 3: Time Signatures
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  Section 4: Putting It All Together
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  Section 5: Vocabulary Challenge!
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  Section 6: Follow Up
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Your Instructor

Catherine Little
Catherine Little

HI! I'm Catherine. I'm a classically-schooled cellist with Master's degree in music performance. I love expressing myself through music and I'm fascinated by everything it has to teach me. I'm a freelancer who performs with professional orchestras, chamber ensembles, in the studio, on film, and of course, on stage. I'm also a teacher and consider myself a student of many things. I absolutely love the idea that anyone can learn anything if they have a good teacher and a good attitude. I know it's true because I have experienced it myself! Most of my classmates at university started private cello lessons even before going to school. At nine years old I got started playing cello in a school violin program and I didn't have a cello teacher for years. But with hard work, determination, and some awesome teachers later on, I was able to become the professional I am today.

I'm excited to share my knowledge, to learn from you as well, and to find creative ways to help you on your musical path.

Welcome! See you in class!

~ Catherine

Frequently Asked Questions

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I would never want you to be unhappy! If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, contact me within the first 15 days and I will give you a full refund.
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The course begins with your purchase and it never ends. This makes it possible for you to come back and consult the material at any time.

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