Introduction to Reading Rhythm

A perfect foundation for those with no knowledge about rhythm: what it is, how it works, and how to read and play it.

Introduction to Reading Rhythm is for those who have never read music or who may now have a handle on notes and are ready to learn how to keep time. The course provides plenty of practice examples to read with accompanying audio tracks to clap or speak along to, a fun matching game, and reloadable quizzes for unlimited practice of 10 new rhythm concepts!

Students can also interact with Catherine, their instructor, as well as with classmates, by leaving comments and questions. This mini-course is comprised of eight short lessons, as well as flashcard practice, a fun matching game, quizzes, and plenty of play-along practice examples to help you learn and check your understanding.

Information covered in this course:

  • How time is measured
  • Using the Metronome
  • The Beat
  • Counting measures
  • Counting the length of a note (whole notes, half notes and quarter notes)
  • Tempo or Pace
  • Time Signatures
  • Reading and Playing Rhythm

See the lessons outlined in the Course Curriculum below:

Your Instructor

Catherine Little
Catherine Little


My name is Catherine and I am a cello teacher who is passionate about guiding people in discovering knowledge and building confidence in their area of interest. I love the challenge and reward of helping to facilitate "lightbulb moments" in my students, as I celebrate and learn from the variety of strengths I encounter in each person. I have been teaching music for over a decade and the experience continues to teach me about what more I can bring to you, the student. One thing I know for sure is anyone can learn something they put their focus on. It takes a good deal of commitment and the willingness to let go and have fun, but I am happy to encourage you every step of the way!

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