Note Reading, Level 4

A follow-up to Note Reading, Level 3

This is a chance to reinforce the general concepts learned in The Very Basics of Note Reading, and to start to become familiar and comfortable reading the bass clef.

Information covered in this course:

  • The names of the bass clef notes
  • The minor scale
  • Reading and "playing" melodies
  • Beginner piano knowledge (useful skills for all instrumentalists and singers)
  • Terms and Definitions

I recommend following this course with Introduction to Reading Rhythm.

Your Instructor

Catherine Little
Catherine Little

I think human beings are incredible but too many people don't know how wonderful they are! As a music teacher, I want to show my students that they are smarter than they think. If you too are inspired by music and are keen to learn to read it, I'm SO glad you are here. I love showing people how to think and practice their way to achieving their goals and enjoying the fruits of their skills. I always put a focus on the ear, because music is first and foremost about sound. I also love to reveal patterns that make the learning so much quicker and effective. The whole process of working to get better, finally getting there, and having new ways to enjoy music are what make it so fun!

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The course begins the moment you purchase it, and it never ends! This way you can come back and consult it at any time.

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