Note Reading, Level 3

A follow-up to Note Reading, Level 2

This is a chance to reinforce the general concepts learned in The Very Basics of Note Reading and Note Reading, Level 2, and to start to become familiar and comfortable reading the treble clef.

Information covered in this course:

  • The names of the treble clef notes
  • The Major scale
  • Reading and "playing" melodies
  • Intervals- Octaves, major & minor seconds
  • Tones and Semitones
  • The purpose of sharps and flats
  • Terms and Definitions

I recommend following this course with Introduction to Reading Rhythm.

Your Instructor

Catherine Little
Catherine Little

HI! I'm Catherine. I'm a classically-schooled cellist with Master's degree in music performance. I love expressing myself through music and I'm fascinated by everything it has to teach me. I'm a freelancer who performs with professional orchestras, chamber ensembles, in the studio, on film, and of course, on stage. I'm also a teacher and consider myself a student of many things. I absolutely love the idea that anyone can learn anything if they have a good teacher and a good attitude. I know it's true because I have experienced it myself! Most of my classmates at university started private cello lessons even before going to school. At nine years old I got started playing cello in a school violin program and I didn't have a cello teacher for years. But with hard work, determination, and some awesome teachers later on, I was able to become the professional I am today.

I'm excited to share my knowledge, to learn from you as well, and to find creative ways to help you on your musical path.

Welcome! See you in class!

~ Catherine

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The course begins the moment you purchase it, and it never ends! This way you can come back and consult it at any time.

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