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Students are saying...

"What a wonderful introduction to an absolutely wonderful instrument! Catherine’s professional, calm, light hearted and joyful approach to music and the cello is so appealing. A wonderful foundation of musical information to grow on. Her delivery of the material just makes you want to learn more!” -Debbie

"Catherine has been a fantastic instructor to learn Cello from as an adult learner [...] Her teaching method is very clear and easy to follow while at the same time being very musical. Every lesson I've had with her I end up very inspired to practice!" -Mike

"I've had a lot of music teachers over the years, for different instruments, solo work, small ensembles, large orchestras. Catherine ranks among the best of my teachers. [...]. She is inventive in giving suggestions about how to practice or approach the music, and she always takes extra time to answer my questions or give advice [...]. I can't recommend her highly enough!" -Barbara