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Students are saying:

"Catherine has been a fantastic instructor to learn Cello from as an adult learner. She has been able to effortlessly answer all of my questions at each lesson and is very patient and understanding when it comes to the learning process. Her teaching method is very clear and easy to follow while at the same time being very musical. Every lesson I've had with her I end up very inspired to practice!" -Mike

"I've had a lot of music teachers over the years, for different instruments, solo work, small ensembles, large orchestras. Catherine ranks among the best of my teachers. She is inventive in giving suggestions about how to practice or approach the music, and she always takes extra time to answer my questions or give advice even outside of lesson time. I can't recommend her highly enough!" -Barbara

"Catherine is one of the most creative and inspirational teachers I have ever studied under. I highly recommend Catherine as a teacher to cellists of all levels, from beginners or those who have never laid hands on a cello before, to advanced players. Anyone looking to improve their cello playing will greatly benefit from Catherine’s musical expertise and her passion for teaching the cello." -Jonathan